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Liverpool vs Tottenham Match Preview:After the defeat in the second round of the “Burnley”, “Liverpool” demonstrates a stunning football. “Red” is not losing nine games, so are in the top three Premier League. We had time for this time wards Jurgen Klopp and meet with “Tottenham”. The fight of the third round at the “Huarte Hart Lane” ended in a draw – 1: 1. “Liverpool” boasts excellent attacking performance. In the Premier League no one scored more than the “red” team. However, the protection of Liverpool, to put it mildly, not up to par. Excluding the League Cup, in which the “Liverpool” has not missed, in an asset in the wards Klopp just one klinshit.

“Tottenham”, contrary to the expectations of some experts, did not graze the rear. “Spurs”, though not managed to beat the “Bournemouth” in extreme tour, but they remain the only club to the championship is still not lost. In addition, if the “Liverpool” in the Premier League the most scores, the “Tottenham” least of all passes. “Spurs” in nine league games are in the passive only four goals.

Match ended live stream unavailable

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