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Chelsea vs Manchester United Match Preview:”Chelsea”, despite the appointment of a good coach and a good recruitment amplification, is still outside the top four. However, it “blue” at hand. Only at one point, “retired” behind the fourth “Liverpool”. The only problem is that the results of Conte wards cast doubt on the “aristocrats” ability to compete for space NPS ligochempionovskie. “Blue” this season already losing “Liverpool” home – 1: 2 and get painful Splash of “Arsenal” – 0: 3. Weaker class “Chelsea” wins yet, but before the meeting with the “Manchester United” inability Conte teams play against the giants is in the fans some concern.

“United” in this season, too unstable, which significantly and position “Red Devils” in the standings. “Manchester United” is now in seventh place, and behind the top four on three points. With the clubs of the top 6 wards Mourinho played not very good, but still better than the “Chelsea”. “Manchester United” lost in the “Manchester City” city derby – 1: 2, and in another derby draw with “Liverpool” – 0: 0. Also, the “Red Devils” in the current season lost “Feyenoord” in the Europa League – 0: 1 and humble “Watford” in the championship – 1: 3. Nevertheless, the current unbeaten “United” is for six matches, while the “Chelsea” has won only two of the latter.

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